The moment Charles Oku Clashed With Last Prophet on Social Media

Charliebaz and Last Prophet exchange violence Pleasantries on Facebook

The slogan of No Gree 4 Anybody as introduced by Shaddy Jay at the beginning of the year took another turn as Charliebaz and his mentor, Last Prophet took their time to engage their selves on Facebook in a situation as explained by Awade Friday AKA Last Prophet

The Screenshot:

Oku Charles AKA Charliebaz wrote;

In all my writeups, it started with #ToWhomItMayConcern but Ogar has decided to get my name mentioned and tagged to his posts….

Excuse me Boss Awade Friday(Lastprophet)
In my years of working under your umbrella, I’ve never counted my successes without attaching your name to it even in your many errors that you know we your boys knows & I’ve never seen you less of a boss to me… first fact to correct and clear the air with…

2ndly, You know when it comes to all the rants you’re posting on your wall, they’re all lies sir…. My only area of concentration is, WHY ARE ALL YOUR SUPPOSED BOYS AS YOU CLAIM ARE’NT ON YOUR BILL?

I remember how we all stood in for you even when you never deserved our loyalties but we did all because of one thing that bonded us all together which is LOVE….. Our names were boycotted at some point in the state all because of you, no major shows came to us anymore, government house was a no go area for us at some point still because of you sir…

Sir I’m sure you wouldn’t want us to bring to the public the reason behind all these your recent attitudes towards your boys….

Was COMEDIANS GUILD not supposed to have an event on that supposed date?

Is Father’s Day not supposed to be your annual event date which the masses are aware of, why 5th May this time? Forgetting that the comedians as a guild works with calendar of events so not to clash another event with another…

Was I supposed to choose your interest over the full guild’s interests? Ofcos NO SIR…..
You were part of the lawmakers, so why not abide by your law?

Sir I’m not so daft to know that you took off your boys names because you felt threatened that they were all against your decision at this point…

The Goodnews is, COMEDIANS GUILD after an extensive discussion with the president DrLokosmith Okon, have decided to let you own that date all because of my intervention as the SA EVENT sir, own it & feel free to fly Boss..

Why did you in the first place involved your boys when you knew you’ll end up taking them off?
I’m referring to Owondo FurnitureCity, Bucket Mouth, Wilfred Ikum, Merlin Bassey & even the little boy who’s holding down the Otwetwe radio show for you today Biase Pikinwas removed… so bad sir….

And you still went out to tarnish my image before some of my supposed sponsors when you know we’re doing 2 different events, yours is 5th of May while mine is 19th & you expect me to be cool with this???

In all, everyone is entitled to their different opinions & trust me, this is going to be my very last post on this issue as I’ll not be distracted on my event push sir….

All the best Mr Awade Friday Otwetwe on your event coming up on the 5th of MAY & please know.

Prof Aboki Wrote :

Koboko also responded;

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