Ruger & BNXN describe their joint project as ‘synergy at its finest’

In an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio, BNXN and Ruger spoke on their new collaborative EP which they describe as the real essence of collaboration.

The joint EP was released on April 18 after being heralded by two singles ‘Romeo Must Die’ and ‘POE

In the interview with Nandi Madiba of Apple Music Africa Now Radio, BNXN stated that the ‘RnB’ EP showed synergy at its finest.

“It shows quality, it shows the real essence of collaboration – how to bounce off each other, how to learn from each other, how to pick this and flow off what this person [did]. It’s like a relay race,” BNXN said on the 7-track project which serves as a celebration of the truce between both artists after nearly 2 years of rift

BNXN described the EP as a collaborative effort he’s very proud of. BNXN also suggests that there’s more to come from the duo as he points attention to the last track on the EP.

“…I am beyond proud of this project. It’s why the last song we said “Not Done,” because hopefully we’re not done.”

Speaking on the project, Ruger stated that he enjoyed working with BNXN because they are two artists who make music beyond the thematic depth. He further stated that the depth of their lyrics is something that needs to be appreciated by Nigerian listeners because it’s hugely appreciated abroad.

“You know most Afrobeats artists, they’re always about gyration, enjoyment – let’s make songs people will party to, let’s talk about enjoyment and money and that. We’re talking about everything! Go back to our projects, we talk about everything, we talk about relationships. Most artists in Naija don’t talk about relationships like that, they talk about ‘your body’s banging, you’re fine, you’re this’ but we’re saying the deeper things. As much as the whole world is appreciating that part, I think Nigerians have to actually appreciate that about us, because when we go outside the country that’s what they love about us. “That guy is speaking to me!”

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