Reactions as Asake jumped into crowd at a concert and landed on the floor (video)

YBNL singer Asake performs magic with no life guidelines.

A video of Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, fell into the crowd at Afro Nation in Portugal has gone viral on twitter.

The Afrobeat singer was giving a lot of energy during his performance to in Portugal when he decided to pull a superstar vibe.

Asake began running down the platform at full speed and leaped into the crowd, expecting them to carry him.

Apparently, Asake received a huge shock when the audience couldn’t support his weight, possibly due to the speed at which he was running, and he landed on the floor.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions on social media as many asserted that Asake does not have enough hit songs to pull the stunt at an international concert.

@belafeid wrote, “He doesn’t have a single song where he needs to be doing all of that

@Obasco wrote, “People were holding their phone and bro literally jumped with great force  Ybnl Mysterio “

@mssminah wrote, “Lmaooo why do artists even do this 
I’m absolutely ducking if I’m in the crowd”

@fl2dzee wrote, “You can’t try this in this generation…..
Everyone has their phone out…. If you jump, they’re protecting their property…”

Watch video here;

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