Nigerian Singer Philenobemush calls out Ben Ayade’s SA on Entertainment.

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Nigerian Rookie Philenobemush shares his own side of the story about Calabar festival

Recently, entertainers have been narrating their ordeal for the past two years in a situation that can be tagged Oppress versus Oppressors. The likes of SharK2Six, Oluwa Terry,Rawlings AkA RawTribes were up on Facebook calling out names in government who refused to pay for their past performances during the Christmas Festival between 2020 and 2021 while those who got paid were complaining about their poor pay.

Philenobemush who doubles as the Secretary Cross River Artiste Forum took to his Facebook to pour out his mind on the recent outburst by entertainers in Cross River State which also affected him.

The singer was paid 10k after much promises.

He Wrote:

20k shared to all the artiste who mounted the stage last year December 5th 2021(performing artistes were UPPER X,TEDDYBANTY, JOHNYKAGE ,PHILE NOBEMUSH,BACKUP STEP at the Xmas village my share was delayed by the SA ENTERTAINMENT but I wonder why,but after mush of pressure still cheated Me by sending 10k may be na part payment I guess cos you still dey owe me.its recorded. this wunt and  can’t stop my push and  hustle anywhere cos I know my worth, the cash isn’t  my prob but what am nt seeing funny is the level of  disrespect, disregards and unnecessary decisions on our HUSTLE.THIS IS OUR HUSTLE ALLOW US TAKE CHARGE MAKE BOYS DE SMILE JARE just wanted to prof a POINT that Am nt for free also 10k isnt my pay. However I shared  this information to cross river state Artistes during our weekly general meetings, Thanks to some who understands the scenero as it’s played,and to those who feels like ahhh na normal thing..eno normal again ooo, (EGET Y YATCH FACE BACK) na my money were you chop everywhere catch fire hahah,nobemush Sha this one no even worry me.i learnt that if you are too too good to people and you HV a clear and free mind with others you can easily be forgotten,Dem go feel say u go always understand,hmm I de respect you no mean say I de fear you note that. I never ask you for a show,and can never ask you for a show so perform am okh. This very bullet were I receive don change a lot of things , ground don shake,tables don break, BUT I WILL LET IT BE COS I KNOW WERE WE THE MUSICIANS ARE HEADING TO.  na man I be  I dnt support any criminal no matter how much u wan give me Now this is music business, I receive good pay from my personal shows within the city,but the state government show were supos change the stories of so many part from the folks were AYADE de show love with MILLIONS. if Govonor go fit datch men 10 million 

An ordinary man we’re de work for Govonor now tells the world that the government is very foolish for his support. 

Nobemush Sha currently working on my new single first for the year and believe me for the love of my hustle and how I HV belt my career till date,this is just the building process which is gradually yielding great wunt be disappointed

Big shout out to Rawlings Ofuka Raw Tribes, who got to hear this first, You gave me your words that Togetherness, one voice and collective efforts will go a long way in changing the facede of the  creative industry in CRS. TODAY NA SO EBE?✔️ I belv you

Big shout out to the Executive Chairman  of the most prestigious Association in calabar metropolis and the state at large IREK DEE, WHAT YOU POSSESS IS BEYOND JUST MONEY). (spiritualist)Oluwa Terry, King Leo ceaser, shark 2six, challex,Bone,Twice records, Upper Dee,Tushi Gucci,Vwe,Banty. I copy

Big shout out to the VC flawless duke, Jeremiah Robert(PRO),and the entire executives/cabinet as well as entire members of the forum. I no mention ur name no mean say I no like you( I have your records as a musician in CRAF and belve me it’s very SAVE)

Special recognition to the Entertainers Union chairman Amb Joe Ese, Media,-WALATAWORLDWIDE,CTv,Media houses comedian guilt, Dancers,Djsand et al for your loyalty to the restructuring of the entertainment industry in the the mind be that.

maximum respect to all my fans out there

You guys are amazing people, believe me we want to sing music make our money Rise like Dollar.MAKE DEM STOP THAT NONSENSE ?

Am only privileged with the mandate to keep the records of the musicians in the city not that am better than you,na just say we de like to make things dey alright na y echoke.hmmmm 

However it’s on this note that we hv decided to add more colors and  packages to our hustle so we render our services to you in a standard way so that when you spend money on us you will not have any reason to complain.

My name is phile nobemush,am an afrohippop singer, what I possess is yet to be viewed na TIME. Am a self employed entrepreneur, fashionista.i de push well well men wey know Dem know.I appreciate you all dnt side back and talk comot come every Tuesday everything kul and nice ANTICIPATE MY NEW SINGLE.. RATE ME WHEN THE TUNE DROPS???✔️








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