More Problems As Portable Declared Wanted By The Nigerian Police

Nigerian Music Star Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable involves in Jungle Justice

Portable is known for controversy in the music industry and now he has been involve in a jungle justice that got him an invitation by the police in Ogun State.

Jungle justice, according to Police Spokesperson, Opeyemi, has no place in our laws, and anyone who engages in it should be made to experience the full force of the law, regardless of their standing.

The Statement:

Such unruly and violent behavior is not only barbaric, but unbecoming of somebody who supposed to be a role model for the youths and therefore should not be tolerated.

In view of this, the Command is using this medium to advise Okikiola Habeeb a.k.a Portable to report himself at the nearest police station in Ogun State, failure of which his arrest will be ordered.

The flagrant display of impunity by portable in the viral video is condemnable and if not checked, it will send a wrong signal to the youths who are looking up to him as a role model.”

Portable told the young men to assault the victim for reaching out to his wife and advising him to send all the boys around him away

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