“I was contacted several times by some friends in the force to help them trace him but I declined” – Faddo David Writes Comedian Koboko

Faddo David

Prof. Aboki calls out Faddo David on Facebook for writing about comedian Koboko

The social media space within the city of Calabar, is experiencing unrest due to invitation of Comedian Koboko by DSS.

Recall, that Comedian Koboko called out the Vice Chancellor of Unical, Prof. Florence Obi over the death of a female student.

Watch The video:


Faddo David took to his Facebook page to write:

“Comedian Koboko is my friend and an alumnus of the Prestigious University of Calabar.

As much as I applaud his guts in delving into sensitive matters and lending his voice in critical times, I really think some contents put out there are detrimental and uncalled for.

The circumstances that caused the death of that student didn’t need that kind of ill publicity. Except it is aimed at running down your great alma mater or for self gratification.

Yes he has tendered an apology but that came after several calls and invitations by the DSS over the video. I was contacted several times by some friends in the force to help them trace him but I declined. Whoever advised him to ignore invitations from the DSS didn’t help him either.

Those calling out the Vice Chancellor and raining curses on her are only worsening the matter for the dude. Because even you that is cheering Koboko won’t put up such video about your school or institution. Especially when you don’t have your facts right.

I know he’ll be fine and a lot of appeal on going to apeace the relevant authorities.

…but Koboko Should have known better than this.”

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