Challex De Boss Praises Ayade Over 1 Million Naira Gift

Nigerian Singer,Challex De Boss Calls Entertainment Appointee in Cross River state, Praises Governor Ben Ayade

Recall that musician in Cross River State were trending on social media on account of poor pay by the government.

Challex De Boss took to his Facebook page to praise the Governor of Cross River State, Prof Ben Ayade on his benevolence towards him and other entertainers who received huge amount of cash and cars as gift.

The singer went on to narrate how he embarked on fire and brimstone to get the fulfil promise cash gift from Ayade’s Appointees, stating that, the one million Naira he promised him came in as five hundred thousand Naira.

Aproko singer said, he called Agba Jalingo who helped him him recover the cash with and immediate effect.

The Facebook Post:

His excellency @Sir Benedict Ayade I just have to publicly say u have done so well in the entertainment space in Cross river state 

The only Governor to have given more dan 100 million Naira to entertainers to better their lives and push their hustles even if say we no see the results but I’ll still praise u sir u do well ??

The only problem is dat u appointed the wrongest hands in the entertainment office of the state, greedy and selfish men who wanna enrich their pocket alone and eat the sweat of the young ones

Also thank you his excellency for the 1 million Naira gift u promised and fulfilled even if getting it was a fight because the same people wanted to give me half of the money but thanks  to the intervention of my big boss @Agba Jalingo the money came out complete and still I drop something maybe dat one go help buy fuel for dem ?

Thank you sir for touching the lives of entertainer’s and entertainment in the state I no know for every other conner but for entertainment thanks ???


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  1. Nice one.
    Thumbs up Mr. Excellency.
    A lot of people say so many wrong things about you at some points I wonder which one to believe. Is it that u’re so bad or the people working with u. Weldone sir

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