What You Need To Know About Davido’s Best Man

Lati is chosen as Davido’s Best Man

Contrary to social media speculation, Lati is not Davido’s bouncer.

International Afrobeats singer, Davido, will tie the knot with his long-time lover, Chioma, on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

With wedding bells come festivities and fans of the singer are eager to know every little detail of the ceremony that’s sure to attract some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

During the recent online celebrations on X, Davido promptly responded to a fan’s question about who his best man is, revealing it to be his childhood friend Lateef ‘Lati’ Biola.

You may be wondering who Lati is, and we’ve got some answers.

Lati has known Davido since he was 10

Following the death of his parents, Lati worked in the Adeleke household and that’s how he met Davido.

“I have known you since you were 10 years old. That was when I lost both my parents. You are always there for me like a brother and you have never turned your back against me,” Lati wrote in an Instagram post.

Davido and Lati when they were younger [X/OGBdeyfor you]

Lati once pierced Davido’s ears

Davido revealed in an interview with popular American jeweller, Icebox, that Lati once pierced his ears when he was a teenager.

The artist said, “Lati pierced my ears when I was like 14 years old.”

Davido and Lati [Instagram/It-ddon]

Lati was the one who called Chioma for Davido the first time he saw her

The first time Davido set his eyes on Chioma while they were both undergraduates at Babcock Univerisity, he asked Lati to speak to her on his behalf.

“I was in school for a year before I blew up. That was when I met my wife. I remember the day I saw her. I can never forget it. I was in a Prado, and I looked behind and I saw this girl walking. Just there with her bag, it was Chioma. I told Lati, ‘Omo, I like that girl. Go and call that girl for me.’ He called her but she did not answer me at the time,” said Davido during an interview with YouTuber, Tayo Aina.

Lati was the one who slapped a Davido fan in February 2024

You might have seen a trending video of a fan getting slapped while trying to take a picture with Davido in February this year. The singer’s aide who assaulted the fan was actually Lati. According to reports he has since reached out to the fan to apologise and reportedly compensated him with ₦200,000.

Lati has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication

Lati graduated from Lagos State University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.


Lati is not Davido’s bouncer

Lati is not Davido’s bouncer as some fans on social media have suggested. He’s tasked with A&R (artists and repertoire) for Davido’s record label, DMW. He also runs his own company. He is the director of Latino General Merchants Nigeria Limited, an oil and gas company in Lagos.

Davido and his friend Lati [Instagram/it_ddon]

Lati is a June baby

Lati was born on June 25 which means Davido will be getting married to Chioma on his best man’s birthday.

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