‘My experiences made me into a Gangster – Lojay 

Lojay, in an interview on Apple Music Africa Now Radio, revealed that the motivation behind his latest EP ‘Gangster Romantic.

According to Lojay, he’s had his fair share of heartbreaks and hurt from being a romantic. These experiences led him to realise that he needed to toughen up.

“When I was creating the project, it was coming from a place of just having been through stuff in Nigeria, just being through streets of Lagos, especially with everything that’s happened in the last 12, 18 months, and I just wanted to express that.

In that time I’ve seen “shege,” and for me to survive the “shege” I’ve understood that I just can’t be a romantic romantic. In order to survive I need to toughen up in these streets and be a gangster a bit. This project is an expression of that, it’s an expression of everything that’s happened in the last 12, 18 months and it’s an expression of where I’m at right now, emotionally.”

Lojay released his second sophomore album ‘Gangster Romantic’ on Friday 3rd, February 2023. The EP features seven songs that offer insight into Lojay’s romantic endeavours and how they combined to make him into a gangster.

‘Gangster Romantic’ is available on all streaming platforms and Lojay will be aiming to use it to further strengthen his place as one of Afrobeats’ most exciting talents.

The Ep is currently number one on chart.

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