‘I’m Sorry We Didn’t Talk Out Our Issue’ – Rico Swavey’s Girlfriend

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Caroline Morgan, the girlfriend of reality TV star, Rico Swavey, speaks about their relationship on Instagram

The reality TV star passed away on Thursday morning, days after he was involved in a ghastly accident in Lagos.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Caroline recalled exciting moments with Rico, stressing they had decided to keep their relationship on a low.

She said one would doubt the sudden death because the reality TV star was full of energy and his love for God was never a pretense.

Caroline also apologised for not speaking with her boyfriend before the ghastly accident because she was upset over an issue.

She also vented anger at the nurses who left Rico Swavey unattended before he finally gave up the ghost at the hospital.

“Wake up babe!!! I can’t think straight. We are yet to settle our issues.

We decided to keep the relationship on a low and this is how you decided for me to showcase you!! I had just left a relationship to meet you and just left me. Babe why!!!!

“I would swear that you wouldn’t die!! Because of how strong and energetic you were, u complained of your long talk, now I want you talk for hours I wouldn’t complain. Patrick am sorry, am deeply sorry to as not seen you as planned cause I was upset. I am sorry babe, am sorry that you left! Am sorry that we didn’t talk out our issue when we wanted too, am sorry I slept without hearing your voice!!! I just need an explanation why this happened!!!!!

“He loved God, I thought it was all pretence. When he will chat me to pray before continuing my day. So why did God allow this to happen, who am I to question him tho he was vibrant and strong? I knew you fought hard.

“May God punish everyone that has decided to laugh and not treat him m when he was brought in. Oh Patrick see how you were left unattended to, you were helpless!!! God!!!!!!”.

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