Brush your teeth before you give head- Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Adivces men and women to observe proper hygiene before having intercourse

he actress says a woman’s private part is delicate and that men should help to keep it safe and healthy by respecting hygienic protocols whenever they visit the ‘safe haven’ for sexual pleasure.

Juliet Ibrahim took to her Instagram page to express her dissatisfaction that in 2022, people still haven’t recognized the inherent dangers of doing anything in the name of sexual pleasure.

On her instastory she wrote “I cannot believe that in 2022, I am (still) arguing with a friend who sees nothing wrong with these things. Her excuse was that, ‘What if it’s a quickie?

She went on to write :“Brush your teeth and tongue before and after oral sex, and cut your nails before any touching. Germs that cause bacteria are bred on such. Girls, please learn these basic hygiene practices and stay clean,”

Juliet Ibrahim’s sexual health education comes weeks after Nigerian singer, Olaitan Abdulrahman, aka Oxlade, was caught in a leaked video using his saliva as a lubricant during sexual intercourse with a mystery lady.

The act in the viral video sparked a lot of condemnation as some online medical experts and share their thoughts on the application of saliva around the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Some argue that the act may expose women to being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

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