Breaking News: Portable Survives Another Car Accident

Portable survive another car crash for the second time.

Zazzu singer, Portable took to his Instagram page to reveal that he and his team members had a car accident in Abeokuta, Ogun State. According to the singer, he doesn’t understand how the accident happened,  but he is happy nobody got hurt, He said.

Portable also wondered why it was only his side of the car that got bashed. He begged the ‘people’ after his life to let him be while he hustle for his daily bread.

This is not the first time Portable is getting involved in an accident. In January,2022, Portable was all over social media for weeks after he crashed his white Range Rover on Someone’s fence.

Portable claimed it was the hand work of evil spirits, but witnesses revealed he was under the influence of hard drugs.

Watch the video via tooexclusive IG page

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